• pepsico: buy responsible, rainforest-friendly palm oil

    Pepsico: buy responsible, rainforest-friendly palm oil

    Pepsico buys staggering amounts of conflict palm oil every week. Unlike other companies (like Kellogg’s and Mars), it is okay with buying oil that comes from rainforest destruction. If Pepsico committed to buying responsible palm oil, it could help reshape the entire global supply chain for the better. The timing is perfect.

  • wwf palm oil buyers scorecard - pepsico

    WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard - PepsiCo

    The WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard assesses the progress of companies on the commitments and actions necessary to be a responsible user of palm oil. Companies were measured on these actions taken in 2015. ... Where is PepsiCo on the journey to sustainable palm oil?

  • environmental, social & governance topics

    Environmental, Social & Governance Topics

    PepsiCo is committed to delivering a palm oil supply chain with no deforestation, peatland development or exploitation and to help advance the sustainability of the palm oil industry. Through our policies and actions, PepsiCo seeks to uphold standards for sustainable palm oil by addressing our own supply chain first and then partnering with ...

  • quaker, adopt a responsible palm oil policy - sumofus

    Quaker, adopt a responsible palm oil policy - SumOfUs

    PepsiCo uses the honest-looking “Quaker man" image to sell breakfast cereals and snacks around the world. But some Quaker products contain palm oil, and the company's safeguards are simply not good enough to ensure that the palm oil it buys isn't contributing to deforestation and human rights abuses.. Quaker is the world's oldest cereal brand, and one of PepsiCo's prized possessions.

  • pepsico, inc. - forests 2018

    PepsiCo, Inc. - Forests 2018

    The top three countries from which PepsiCo sources palm oil are Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico. In 2017, our global purchase of palm oil was approximately 450,000 metric tons (MT), which represents less than 1% of the total global supply. Of this total, palm kernel oil comprised about 5,000 MT. PepsiCo uses refined palm oil and palm oil ...

  • palm oil industry response to production challenges

    Palm Oil Industry Response to Production Challenges

    Delegates (above) are pictured at the eighth annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT8) held in Jakarta in November 2010. The Roundtable gathering each year is the world's largest meeting about sustainable palm oil production where stakeholders from government, private sector, and human rights and environmental organizations get together to discuss how to tackle the challenges of ...

  • pepsico – uk business news

    Pepsico – UK Business News

    Palm oil plantations on illegally deforested land in Sumatra – home to elephants, orangutans and tigers – have allegedly been used to supply scores of household brands, says new report Pepsico, Unilever and Nestlé have been accused of complicity in the destruction of Sumatra’s last tract of rainforest shared by elephants, orangutans ...

  • palm oil | mars, inc.

    Palm Oil | Mars, Inc.

    Mars is on a journey to transform how we source palm oil. Today palm oil is used in more than half the world’s packaged goods, across both food and personal care items. And, when produced sustainably, palm can deliver value through the entire supply chain.

  • general mills australia | shop ethical! company profile

    General Mills Australia | Shop Ethical! company profile

    Palm oil scorecard - UCS The Union of Concerned Scientists' 2015 Palm Oil Scorecard scores America's top brands on their commitments to use deforestation-free palm oil. This company received a score of 77.8/100, signifying strong commitment.

  • pepsico makes palm oil commitment, but is it too little

    PepsiCo makes palm oil commitment, but is it too little

    PepsiCo makes palm oil commitment, but is it too little too late? ... PepsiCo released its Palm Oil Action Plan Progress Report last week in response to two ... are trapped in modern slavery in ...

  • pepsico and slavery-free palm oil - freedomunited.org

    PepsiCo and Slavery-Free Palm Oil - FreedomUnited.org

    The majority of global palm oil comes from plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia, where journalists and workers’ rights organizations have documented widespreadA total of 44,689 advocates called on PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi to pledge to exclusively and immediately use slavery-free palm oil.

  • pepsico: commit to slavery-free, responsible palm oil

    PepsiCo: Commit to Slavery-Free, Responsible Palm Oil

    PepsiCo uses palm oil in a huge array of products we consume everyday – and it has no way of knowing if its palm oil is slavery-free.We recently received PepsiCo’s new palm oil procurement policies. We commend PepsiCo for making a public commitment against forced labour in its supply

  • petition: pepsico: commit to slavery-free palm oil

    petition: PepsiCo: Commit to Slavery-Free Palm Oil

    PepsiCo uses palm oil in a huge array of products we consume everyday – and it has no way of knowing if its palm oil is slavery-free.As a leading buyer of global palm oil, PepsiCo has a responsibility to ensure that the products they sell us do not contain ingredients produced with modern

  • pepsico: commit to slavery-free, responsible palm oil

    Pepsico: commit to slavery-free, responsible palm oil

    From the moment you wake up and eat your breakfast, to brushing your teeth just before you go to bed, the chances are you've already consumed palm oil dozens of times. This ingredient touches almost every aspect of our lives and palm oil also been shown to be produced by workers and children

  • pepsico launches 2025 sustainability agenda designed to meet

    PepsiCo Launches 2025 Sustainability Agenda Designed to Meet

    "PepsiCo's journey is far from complete, and our new goals are designed to build on our progress and broaden our efforts," Nooyi continued. "We have mapped our plans against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and we believe the steps we are taking will help lift PepsiCo to even

  • pepsico cuts ties with palm oil supplier over labor abuse claims

    PepsiCo cuts ties with palm oil supplier over labor abuse claims

    “PepsiCo is very concerned about the allegations that our policies and commitments on palm oil, forestry stewardship“After years of denial, PepsiCo has admitted to the high risks associated with its palm oil supply chain and business partner,” RAN campaigner Robin Averbeck said in a statement.

  • conflict palm oil - rainforest action network | pepsico

    Conflict Palm Oil - Rainforest Action Network | PepsiCo

    Conflict Palm Oil is not only a local problem to Indonesia or Malaysia. The clearing of rainforests and the draining and burning of carbon-rich peatlands for new plantations is releasing globally significant amounts of carbon pollution, making Conflict Palm Oil a major driver of human-induced climate change.

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    Pepsico WorldWide Flavours.

  • 8 things to know about palm oil | wwf

    8 things to know about palm oil | WWF

    Palm oil is in nearly everything – it’s in close to 50% of the packaged products we find in supermarkets, everything from pizza, doughnuts and chocolate, to deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste and lipstick. It’s also used in animal feed and as a biofuel in many parts of the world (not in the UK though!).

  • palm oil commodity atlas research page with a map

    Palm Oil Commodity Atlas Research Page with a Map

    Workers in oil palm plantations are particularly vulnerable to modern slavery because of the isolation of palm groves.[1] Common labor abuses include long working hours, passport confiscation, induced indebtedness, contract substitution, and non-payment and underpayment of wages.[2].